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With a bar right outside, various events hosted in-house, and periodic live acts, we are anything but quiet and boring. We love life, we like to celebrate, and if that is exactly what you look for when on holiday, we can’t wait to welcome you at our hotel!

During our barbecue evenings the big boss himself wields the tongs, on our wine days you have the chance to taste wines from different vineyards, and in between we dish up delectable cocktails or trendy drinks such as Hugo, Aperol & Lillet. Always accompanied by live music or chill summer vibes provided by our DJ.

Be in the middle of it, not just a part of it at Cella Central.

More than 600 years of tradition

Central - unique - timeless

   The renowned "Weinmesserhaus" building comes into existence.

1600    A so-called "Weinmesser" keeps watch over which & how much wine is imported & collects taxes accordingly. As the economic circumstances change, this profession loses its importance in the course of time.

1900    Due to economic changes, the Schandlbauer family, owners of the "Lebzelter" inn located opposite, buy the "Weinmesserhaus."

1970    The Prodinger family buy the building and numerous alteration
            as well as additions to the house follow . The hotel's name is "Feinschmeck."

2019    Starting in May, the local Segl family take ownership and assign the name

Hotel manager

Christine & Georg Segl

"We've created a uniquely special place where you can enjoy the combination of holidays, pleasure, party, and cool events to the fullest."

The "good soul" of our house


A true "Good Soul", Niki fills every moment at Hotel Cella Central with kindness and a smile. Her caring gives our hotel an atmosphere that makes our guests feel like cherished friends.

Thank you for everything, dear Niki! You make our hotel a very special place full of joy and sirtaki!