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Full of history.

History & Philosophy

Hospitality for centuries

It stands there like a rock, hardly altered in 500 years: the "Weinmesserhaus". The property in the heart of Zell am See has had 16 owners. So what is the meaning of the now no longer commonly known "Weinmesser"?

The Weinmesserhaus

Cella Central's beginnings

Trade in wares is thriving and there need to be certain rules - then as now. For that reason, around 1600, a so-called "Weinmesser" keeps watch over which and how much wine is imported and collects taxes accordingly.

The sumpters, who take salt to the south (Italy) and bring back wine across the High Tauern, are also part of his range of duties. As the economic circumstances change, the Weinmesser's profession loses its importance in the course of time.

The Schandlbauer family from the "Lebzelter" inn opposite understands this and buys the "Weinmesserhaus" around 1900. The location in the town centre makes it an ideal place for a coffeehouse in the Viennese tradition serving americano, melange, and nut torte. The "Cella Central", and thus a popular meeting place for people of all ages, was born.

The Cella Central

From coffeehouse to hotel

70 years later the Prodinger family buys the property and numerous alterations to the house are made.

Since May 2019 the local Segl family have been the property's owners. They also very successfully operate the Sporthotel Alpenblick in Zell am See.

The Segl family views its hotels as social spaces: a place of communication, characterized by festivities with locals and guests as well as the traditional Austrian culture of hospitality.

This includes employees, but also friends and especially guests.

"With our feet on the ground, our head in the vision, our hands on the tools, and our hearts with the people."

The owner Christine & Georg Segl's philosophy ... which is put into action daily.


The philosophy at the Cella Central

Life pulsates around our 4* town hotel Cella Central in the small town of Zell am See. Our crew is dedicated just as colourfully, friendly, and endearingly to your well-being to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

We take the time …

… to listen to your wishes, concerns as well as constructive criticism.

… to have conversations. Yes, we absolutely want to know how your day has been and what adventures you experienced. Each of your stories also puts a smile on our faces.

… to take care of the small details that make your stay just that more pleasant.

When you feel at ease and at home, then we have met our expectations.